Appeal Of Cinemas

Cinemas have been around for nearly a century and have continued to endure despite the emergence of new technologies. Today people are able to watch movies from the comfort of their own home. They can even do it with a portable device, allowing them to see films practically anywhere. Despite these new developments people still flock to movie theaters each week. While they are not as popular as they once were, cinemas are a very lucrative asset for the filmmaking industry. There are several reasons for this.

The Big Screen

Cinemas offer much more immersive visuals. The screens are large, allowing viewers to notice details they may not notice on their TVs. No home cinema system can compete with the sheer scale of the genuine article.

Impressive Sound

Modern movie theaters will be fitted with high-quality speakers. Films with complexly mixed sound should be watched in cinemas in order to hear it properly. Action scenes, in particular, are best suited to these theaters than inside homes.


Modern life has many distractions. A person could be watching a movie, then receive a phone call forcing them to hit pause. Cinemas remove this aspect of home watching and offer a sense of immediacy. Viewers are forced to pay attention or they may miss something onscreen.

A Social Event

Going to the cinema with friends is a very common social activity. News sites such as the Independent regularly write about the social aspect of these establishments. Being able to share the experience of a movie with others can be highly enjoyable.

Early Releases

One of the biggest draws of cinemas is the ability to watch a new film before it is available for home release. Most high profile movies tend to be released in cinemas first, encouraging patrons to flock to them.