Q&A Events

Sometimes cinemas will hold question & answer events in order to boost ticket sales. They will play a film and then invite a guest who had an involvement in its production. This can include writers, directors, and actors.

Q&A events are popular because they allow fans to directly interact with the people who were behind and in front of the camera. It also gives them an opportunity to ask questions and become more informed of their favorite movies. The Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square is one establishment renowned for hosting these.

The guest may also do signings and photo shoots with the public. This is in order to make some extra money from their appearances. Patrons are able to buy merchandise related to the film and get the guest to sign it. They can also show off a picture of them with the guest by uploading it to social media.

Q&A events are usually held at venues that regularly screen classic movies. It is better to go to ones at intimate venues. This allows customers to get up close and personal with guests without having to worry about large crowds.