The Future of The Movie Industry

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on every industry. The movie industry, especially theaters, are among the most affected.
February 11, 2021

A Passion for Movies? Dress Up Your Walls with the Right Art Prints

Hollywood, together with the rest of the film industry, it’s a real dream factory. If you are passionate about
January 27, 2021

How Technology Has Revolutionized Cinema and Movies

The way films are made and distributed today is way more advanced than many would have thought possible decades
December 10, 2020

Exploring Art House Movies in International Film Festivals

All around the world, cinema lovers meet with new movies and their cast coming from the different edges of
October 22, 2020

Movie Trends for 2020

2020 has changed people’s lifestyles as well as how the different industries operate. In particular, the movie sector has
October 1, 2020

“So Bad They’re Good” Movies

In recent years a new kind of movie-watching experience has emerged: “so bad they’re good” movies. These are films
July 21, 2020

The Best Movies Showing in Cinemas in 2020

A lot of great movies were scheduled to be released throughout the year. Some of those movies have not
July 12, 2020

Appeal Of Cinemas

Cinemas have been around for nearly a century and have continued to endure despite the emergence of new technologies.
April 26, 2020

Why You Should Attend Shows at Local Cinemas

The rise of the number of people who use subscription sites such as Netflix and Hulu has seen a
April 15, 2020


Not all narrative films have to be entirely fictional. Biopics are based on the lives of real people. They
March 6, 2020