Decorating a Home Movie Room

For many avid movie fans, having a home movie room is the dream. With large screens and high-end home theatre systems taking care of things such as sound, the thrill of the cinema can be experienced from the comfort of your own home. Home cinema technology is constantly evolving and becoming increasingly affordable, but how can you perfectly decorate a home movie room? Continue reading for our handy guide.

Wall Decoration

When it comes to a home theatre, the decoration of the walls can be pretty crucial. Initially, you’ll want to consider where the room is and whether you need to be considerate of any neighbours. For loud movies when you have neighbours, you may wish to sound-proof the theatre room. This can be done with soft foams placed on the walls, which can effectively absorb any loud action sounds from your favourite film and prevent the sound being heard elsewhere. Whether you’re going for sound-proofing materials or just adding some paper or a lick of paint to the walls, it’s usually recommended to go for darker shades of colour. To allow attention to be fully immersed into the film being shown and create a darker space, consider using dark shades of red or blue for the walls. Whilst black may seem perfect for the task, this can make the room appear far smaller than it is.


You’ll be wanting to go for soft furnishings for your movie theatre in your home, particularly when it comes to seating. Choose comfortable seats that allow you to comfortably sit for extended periods whilst partaking in a movie marathon. Other furnishings you may wish to consider include tables, storage and maybe even some plants. Plants can be a nice feature in any room and brings some of the outside into our living environment. Plants are also great ways of freshening up the air that we breathe – particularly necessary for home cinemas which may get stuffy. Finding out how to water bromeliads in your theatre room will be necessary if you choose plants, with apps such as Planta making this straight forward. For those wanting to learn how to water bromeliads and generally take care of them, apps like Planta reveal everything that’s necessary to know and can help make sure you never kill a plant again.

Film fans with home theatre rooms will want to decorate the space to be comfortable and not distract too much from the movie. Colours should be darker to help keep attention drawn to the film and prevent the room looking too bright during the movie. Furnishings should be used to provide comfort and practicality, with soft seating options and tables being perfect. Consider a plant too, allowing for the space to be freshened up a little.