Creating the Perfect Home Cinema Room

If you’re really passionate about movies, then it’s likely you have a pretty good home cinema setup that impresses all of your visitors. However, if you’re looking to take your home movie setup to the next level then you’ve come to the right place. Going to the cinema is an amazing experience that we all enjoy, but what if the cinema was in your home? Here we’ll go through the ways you can make the perfect home cinema room.


Naturally, the most important part of any home cinema is the screen! Without a good screen, your whole experience will be ruined. The good news is that many varieties of screens are now available for a home setting, all coming in different sizes and shapes. You could get a large screen that’s also curved, which is said to improve the viewing experience. Or, if you’re aiming to achieve a more authentic cinema experience then you could get a projector and high-quality projection screen so that your movies can be beamed onto the wall in true movie theatre style.


One of the bonuses of setting up a home cinema room is that you get to choose the comfiest seating possible and can have it any way you like. Rather than the rows of uniformed seats offered by movie theatres, how about trying some comfortable sofas that you and your guests can fully sink into? If going for a sofa in your home cinema, you should take a look at Ikea Ektorp couch covers which can protect your sofa whilst also adding extra style and comfort.


An exciting part of experiencing the latest Hollywood blockbuster at a movie theatre is the surround sound speaker setup that helps immerse you fully into the film. This level of experience doesn’t have to be confined to the cinema, however, as a surround sound speaker system can also be purchased for the home. Placing these speakers in an optimal position can enhance your movie experience to a whole new level.


When creating any new space in your home, decoration will be a top consideration. This is no different for a home cinema room. This is the space where you and your visitors will go to relax and to watch movies – so the room needs to set the right mood whilst also being practical. Darker colors can be great for a home cinema room, limiting the light that’s reflected and allowing you to fully focus on the movie being played. Consider colors such as dark tones of red or darker blues, which are commonly found in actual movie theatres. Also, consider whether you’d like any artworks or photos on the walls, and carefully select the furnishings like tables and possibly even plants. Be creative and make the space truly your own.