Exploring Art House Movies in International Film Festivals

All around the world, cinema lovers meet with new movies and their cast coming from the different edges of the world through international film festivals. With the recent establishment of digital broadcasting platforms on a global scale, the cinema audience has given the chance to explore unique works of numerous directors from different cultures and backgrounds. The awareness and approach of the cinema audience have been transformed from the masses being curious about the suppliers of the costumes of their favorite actors or the design companies of the items that are used in the movie such as Royal Design, into curious individuals who are interested in the global problems that local stories point out. This inner need to find the touching and unifying characteristics of the local stories in the low-budget festival films has driven the attention of the cinema audience once more upon the ”art house movies” which can be found in feature movie structure or as a short movie from a different region of the world.

Through digital broadcasting platforms, it is possible to find movies almost from all genres. This grand portfolio of movies has urged the cinema audience to look for distinct stories from not very well-known regions of the world. The low-budget movies, the movies that are not produced for only financial success but for the essence of art itself, the movies that harmonize the cultural practices and the reactions of the human psychology are gathered under the umbrella term Art House which can also be found in the international press. These movies can catch their audience through international film festivals in the first instance. Whenever a movie with a local spirit becomes successful in an international film festival, digital broadcasting platforms also start willing to show that movie. Therefore, international film festivals are the first spots to watch a distinct art-house movie.