Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino has established himself as one of the greatest filmmakers of all time. His work is known for its references to pop culture, the use of profanity and extreme violence. Tarantino writes and directs all of his films. He has also had some experience in acting. Perhaps his most significant role was as a criminal on the run in the vampire action film, From Dusk Till Dawn.

Reservoir Dogs

This was one of Tarantino’s earliest movies. It is about a group of diamond thieves who retreat to a safe house after their heist goes wrong. The ensemble cast all give impressive performances. The central tension is the paranoia within the group. They know that one of the characters is a secret undercover cop. However, they do not know who it is.

Kill Bill

Uma Thurman plays a trained assassin who wakes up from a long coma. She goes on a rampage against the people who injured her. Kill Bill proved to be so long that Tarantino decided to split it into two movies. The first is set mostly in Japan. The second takes place in America and has more of a western tone

Django Unchained

Set in the Wild West, this movie focuses on a freed slave who becomes a bounty hunter. The theme of revenge links Django Unchained with Kill Bill. Leonardo DiCaprio stars as the main villain who has captured the hero’s wife.

The Hateful Eight

This is another western from Tarantino. The narrative is fairly similar to Reservoir Dogs. A small group is stuck inside a cabin during a snowstorm. As tensions rise they begin to murder each other with poison and bullets. To date, The Hateful Eight is one of Tarantino’s longest films.