A Passion for Movies? Dress Up Your Walls with the Right Art Prints

Hollywood, together with the rest of the film industry, it’s a real dream factory. If you are passionate about movies, why don’t you try to recreate in your own home the atmosphere and magic of your favourite films? It’s very easy, affordable and the results are amazing.

All you need is some creativity and the right art prints. What are art prints? Basically, they’re posters, but there are many important differences. First of all, art prints are crafted using high quality paper, secondly each subject is carefully chosen and created by artists, designers and photographers, to look great on your walls.

How to Choose the Best Art Prints

If you are looking for the real eye catcher, we suggest that you browse the internet looking for modern art prints manufactured from a trusted company, which is specialized in this niche. Have a look at their catalogue and choose the right designs for you, using the search tool with words such as “actor” or “film”.

Where to Place the Prints

The living room is definitely the place to start. We suggest that you get art prints of various sizes, frame them with a modern looking dark wood and then hang them in mosaic style around the TV set. We suggest using black and white designs, as they are more dramatic. As for the specific designs, the ones that work best are actors’ artistic portraits, New York landscapes or Hollywood images.

You can even place prints in other rooms of your home, such as the kitchen, the bedroom or even the corridor. The good thing about prints is that they are affordable, so you can have a real complete wall makeover, investing a limited budget.

Create Your Own Style and Have Fun!

Whether you are a drama, horror, science fiction or action movies lover, you’ll be delighted to look at your new movie themed walls. You can also compliment your interior decor using film inspired objects, such as vintage reels.

Actually, old reels are perfect to create a stunning looking wall clock. You just have to mount a simple circular clock in the middle of the reel. You can also choose a sofa cover featuring a movie style design. Now that you’ve created the perfect environment to be entertained by your favourite movies, all you need is your family or friends around you, together with a ton of freshly made pop corns.