3D Movies

3D technology has occasionally been used by cinemas to present films in more immersive ways. The viewer will need to wear special 3D glasses. When they look at the screen, the images they see will have an illusion of depth.

3D is enticing to cinema companies because it helps to prevent piracy. In the past, footage of movies has been secretly recorded inside cinemas and distributed illegally. This is impossible to do with 3D movies without getting a blurry picture.

The Best 3D Movies

  • Avatar

This film was intended to popularize the use of 3D. Directed by James Cameron, Avatar is an action-packed science fiction movie. It is full of stunning visuals that look even better with the added depth of 3D. Ten years after its initial release, Avatar remains a great example of the format.

  • Hugo

Set in a French train station after World War One, Hugo focuses on the lost films of the silent era. The titular boy makes friends with a former director and learns about the magic of cinema. Hugo was directed by Martin Scorsese and serves as his love letter to the film industry.

  • Gravity

Gravity has some of the most impressive special effects seen in any 3D movie. Sandra Bullock plays an astronaut who becomes stranded around the orbit of Earth. Her terrifying ordeal is shown using dizzying camerawork and CGI.

  • Jurassic Park

There is a growing trend of re-releasing older films in 3D. Jurassic Park is perfect for doing this because of its emphasis on special effects. The film is considered a classic of the 1990s and is enhanced with the extra depth added to it.