Cinema Etiquette

It is important for cinema patrons to know the basic etiquette for these establishments. Watching a movie inside a theater is not the same as doing so inside a home. People should respect the fact that they are watching a film with others.

In modern times the vast majority of people own a smartphone. They should turn these off once the movie has started. This is in order to stop any ringing or other annoying noise that could distract fellow cinema patrons. Furthermore, sites such as the BBC have noted that the glare of the screen can also be a visual disruption. Because of this, people should refrain from looking at their phones during the movie.

Many cinemas will sell food which can be eaten by customers as they watch the film. Unfortunately, much of this food can be noisy when eaten. This is especially true for chips and popcorn. People should eat as quietly as possible so that they do not annoy anyone close to them. Even though going to the cinema can be a social activity, it is not appropriate to talk during the movie. The most important thing to remember is that everyone inside the theater should be treated with respect.