The Best Movies Showing in Cinemas in 2020

A lot of great movies were scheduled to be released throughout the year. Some of those movies have not been released due to the Coronavirus pandemic, which has led to the closure of several public spaces.

There are still some great movies to watch in cinemas. They are celebrated for their acting and production quality. Some use non copyrighted music, while others have deals with producers. Here are some of the best movies showing in cinemas in 2020.

Bad Boys for Life

This is one of the most-watched movies in 2020. It is an American action-comedy movie. It is directed by Bilall Fallah and Adil El Arbi who are famed directors. This fantastic movie was released on 7 January 2020. The film focuses on the wife and son of a drug lord who are thirsty for revenge. Their mission is to kill everybody who was involved in his imprisonment. It is entertaining to watch how Will Smith, who acts as Detective Mike Lowrey and Martin Lawrence, who plays the role of Marcus Burnett, team up to catch the drug lord.


This movie was released on 13 February 2020. It is based on the novel, Emma. It has romance and comedy. The film is about Emma, a young girl obsessed with matchmaking. She always meddled with her friends’ relationships even after promising not to. It is entertaining to watch how the romantic character finally turns out in the movie.


This is an action/sci-fi movie that was released on 2 October 2019. It tells the story of Henry, who is an aging assassin. He finds himself on the run from a younger killer who can predict all his moves. He later finds out that it is his own clone who is after him and sets out to find out about the clone’s origin.