“So Bad They’re Good” Movies

In recent years a new kind of movie-watching experience has emerged: “so bad they’re good” movies. These are films that were intended to be taken seriously by the filmmakers. They end up, however, so incompetently made that they become unintended comedies. These films were first popular in art colleges, before spreading to general audiences.

The Room

The Room is often considered the gold standard of unintentionally bad yet funny movies. It was intended as a serious drama. The director took on many other production jobs such as writer, producer, financer, editor, and even the lead actor. He clearly bit off more than he could chew, and it shows.

Troll 2

This horror film has a nonsensical script and is not at all scary. The director hired non-professional actors whose performances are laughable. Despite this, the film is filled with quotable lines. Today people can buy great sportswear at https://www.aimn.com.au easily. However, when Troll 2 was made, the actors had to make do with embarrassing looking gym gear. Not much thought was given to the costumes for any of the characters in this film.

Batman & Robin

This installment of the Batman franchise followed three relatively successful films which rejuvenated the character. Batman & Robin completely changed the tone from dark and gothic to campy. The dialogue is embarrassingly bad, and the production design uses too much neon coloring. While the film was a commercial failure, it has since become popular with viewers who watch it ironically.